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Satellite tv is received from signals beamed down from many different orbiting satellites, to all countries, in many different languages.

Each satellite grouping comprises of a number of “transponders”, on which both free channels and subscription channels are transmitted from. These satellite beams produce a “footprint”, which is basically an area of satellite coverage.

The English Free to View tv and SKY channels are transmitted from a group of satellites parked at 28.2 degrees east,and are called Astra and Eurobird.

Their footprint is designed to enable reception in the UK and Channel Islands, however, with the right size dish you can receive the satellite signal here in Spain.

This footprint is made up of the “south beam” and the weaker ” north beam” You can receive south beam channels such as SKY NEWS, UK GOLD, LIVING, & SKY SPORTS on an 85cm – 1 metre dish quite easily.

Channels such as BBC, ITV, E4,& SKY MOVIES, are on the weaker north beam, and can only be received with a bigger dish – normally from a 1.4 metre diameter, to a 2.4 metre diameter depending on your area, for example, from the Mar Menor area down towards the south coast, most channels including BBC & ITV can be received on a 1.4 metre dish, but the Costa Blanca region is much weaker, so to receive BBC & ITV you need the bigger size,(you will also receive the north beam channels as well).

Below is an example of a 1.9 metre Portuguese Prime Focus dish, installed on a solarium with a concrete base.

Here is a 1.4 metre oval offset dish, which in most cases will receive the majority of UK channels depending on your location.

As you can see in the picture below, our concrete bases ensure a stable, secure platform for mounting the larger dishes…..

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